A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A 3D Falling Block Puzzle Game


  • Camera rotation and height - Left Stick 
  • Translate active game piece - Right Stick
  • Rotate active game piece
    • X Axis - Right Primary Button 
    • Y Axis - Right Secondary Button
    • Z Axis - Right Trigger Button
  • Drops
    • Fast Drop - Left Primary Button
    • Instant Drop - Left Secondary Button



  • Added Fast Drop
  • Added Instant Drop
  • Added Oculus compatibility (Untested - would appreciate feedback on this build's compatibility)
  • Bug Fix: Resolved issue where some button presses were lost
  • Bug Fix: Resolved issue where you could rotate in X and Z simultaneously
  • Bug Fix: Default rotations are now clockwise from the initial camera perspective


  • Added block rotations
  • Separated menu options for Speed and Seed Height
  • Added more songs


  • Added second song - randomly selected
  • Bug Fix: Menu continues to work after playing a round
  • Bug Fix: Seeds < 4 characters now work


  • Line Clears
  • Wall Kicks
  • Score Keeping


Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


Retromino-0.1.3.zip 54 MB
com.wistarvr.retromino-v0.1.3.apk 56 MB
Retromino-0.1.0.zip 35 MB

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